Adventures In Foodland (Group 2 for Ages 9-12 years)

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Conference Room at Key Connections Consulting
DateTimeRegistration Deadline
May 2, 2019 – June 6, 20194:30 pm – 5:45 pm (Thursdays)April 24, 2019

This group is designed for children who are hesitant or resistant to trying new foods. 

The goal is to expose children to new foods and allow them to explore these foods in a supportive setting. The children will become ‘food scientists’ and be provided with a food ‘toolbox’ that they can use at home when interacting with new foods. Families will be required to complete at home ‘fun food missions’ each week.

During the group there will be a parent information session, as well as a parent follow-up session 2 weeks after the group has finished. This will give parents a chance to incorporate strategies at home and come back to meet with facilitators for individualized feeding support.

This group is facilitated by an Occupational Therapist and may be covered by your Insurance or Extended Health Plan.

CategorySession DaysProgram Length
Client GroupThursdays6 sessions over 6 weeks

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