The Science of Safety: A Polyvagal Approach to Understanding and Supporting Challenging Behaviours

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Conference Room at Key Connections Consulting
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Wednesday, January 12, 20226:00 pm – 8:00 pmJanuary 5, 2022

Facilitator: Kent Hollingsworth, MA, CSFT, Behaviour Consultant/Counsellor

How does the science of our body impact the strategies used to support challenging behaviors, including individuals who have experienced trauma? This workshop provides insightful ideas on how to best support these challenges.

Participants will:
*Learn the most effective strategies to de-escalate a person based on the physiology
(science) of the body
*Learn the non-verbal messages to communicate a sense of safety vs what can often be
experienced as threatening
*Understand the impact of traditional behavioral strategies used on individuals with
developmental challenges and what strategies can be implemented to encourage
behavioral success.
*Understand how trauma impacts the physiology (science) of the body and learn effective
strategies to support those affected by trauma and toxic stress.

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