SIBS: Supporting Individual Brothers and Sisters (Ages 9-12 yrs)

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Conference Room at Key Connections Consulting
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October 15, 22, 29, November 5, 19, 20212:00-4:00pmOctober 8, 2021

Brothers and sisters of a child with special needs will now have their own specialized group experience with others who understand and “get it”.  Siblings will have an opportunity to meet other children, their own age in a safe environment where they will be able to share their stories and experiences of living with an individual who has special needs.

Through the use of play therapy and creative arts SIBS will be able to share their difficulties and challenges, process their emotions and build resilience.  In this creative and fun group SIBS will be able to share the wide range of emotions they have regarding their brother or sister. 

Key objectives of the group will be to explore elements of how their siblings diagnosis affects the family as a whole, how they themselves are impacted (such as issues of jealousy, parent/child relationship and sibling relationship), understanding their siblings diagnosis and developing empathy around deficits.  Progress will be evaluated through the use of pre-tests and post-tests with both the participants and their parents.

This group will be for children ages 9-12 years old.

This group may be covered by insurance or Extended Health Plan.

CategorySession DaysProgram Length
Client GroupOctober 15, 22, 29, Nov 5, 19, 2021 5 sessions over 3 week period

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