Junior ICE Social and Life Skills Training Program


Event Details

DateTimeRegistration Deadline
Mondays and Wednesdays
February 12 – May 27, 2024
4:00 PM- 6:00 PMFebruary 5, 2024


Main Themes

Junior I.C.E. is an inclusive program
designed to promote independence in
daily living activities and the skills to
create meaningful connections and
Junior I.C.E. provides hands-on,
experiential learning to teach life skills and
social skills to
individuals aged 12 -15.
This group is facilitated by skilled,
experienced therapists and group sizes
are kept small to ensure maximum
instructional support.
Participants have the opportunity to build
essential life skills in a space where they
feel supported and validated, while
participating in activities that are fun and

Social Skills – Junior I.C.E. participants will
obtain the skills and confidence to engage
in conversations, create and maintain
meaningful connections at home and in the
community, and explore the world of
Life Skills – Through opportunities for
application and practice, participants will
gain valuable knowledge and skills in areas
such as nutrition and food preparation,
hygiene, puberty, and time management.
Regulation – Through trial and practice,
participants will learn how our sensory
systems and emotions are related, and
increase their ability to manage and
respond to sensory input from their
environment using regulation tools and
Mental Health – Participants will expand
their knowledge of common mental health
challenges and learn healthy coping
strategies which can lead to increased
feelings of validation, belonging, and self esteem.

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