Understanding and Managing Anxiety: Supporting Individuals Impacted by FASD

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Facilitator: Brandie Andrews, Clinical Social Worker/Behaviour Consultant, MSW, RCSW

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders in Canada. Participants will learn about the roots of anxiety and the most common symptoms & functions. This presentation will explore how individuals with FASD are affected by and respond to anxiety differently than neurotypical individuals. Individuals with FASD can spend a large amount of time in a state of anxiety. As a result of their significant difficulties receiving, processing and responding to information, they can become anxious even at the most basic task or expectation. This presentation will highlight strategies that will allow caregivers or support staff the opportunity to intervene or set up environments in a positive supportive manner. *Participants will be eligible for ACSW credits*

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Online Workshop2 hours

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